Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion)

Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion) - Free Download

Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion) is a 10-day Trial released by ZapSpot, Inc.. Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion) software is approx. 676 KB in size and it runs on Windows 95/98/Me.

Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion) is a fast-paced puzzle game in that you try to win the Pharaoh's treasure. Jewels of Anubis is a puzzle game that you will treasure for hours. Your goal in the game is to win the Pharaoh's treasure by removing all the jewels from the screen. Your time is limited, so you will need to work quick.When you start a new game, a grid of 100 jewels will appear. Using your mouse, point to 2 similar jewels and click on the left button. Jewels can be removed only if they can be connected by straight lines with two or fewer right angles between them. In other words, if there is a path of three (or less) sequence segments between the jewels, they will disappear. However, if the jewels cannot be connected with three lines, they cannot be removed.Jewels of Anubis comes as a part of the ZapSpot Game Companion, that allows you to find, collect, and share fun games from ZapSpot. All of ZapSpot's games are small, fun, and easy to learn. The companion is easy to use and can be played with or without an Internet connection. The companion also makes it easy to share the fun with your friends and family by a built-in "E-mail This" feature.

Facts Objective Fact
Author ZapSpot, Inc.
License Type 10-day Trial
Product Website
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me
Registration Fees Not specified
File Size 676 KB
Released On 11/9/2000
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Download Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion) Now!

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Jewels of Anubis (With ZapSpot Game Companion) Free Download

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